100% cacao chocolate: try it!

Are you still afraid of 100% cacao chocolate?

It might be because you aren’t choosing the best options on the market! Even without the sugar, this intense kind of chocolate shouldn’t taste unpleasant, pungent and almost unbearable. If this happens, it’s because the cacao chosen wasn’t of good quality. When there is nothing to mask the natural flavors of this raw material (like sugar, vanilla, milk and other additives), then cacao is the main protagonist and shines its true colors without escamotages. For this reason, the skills of the chocolate maker are revealed in this creation more than in any others. A plethora of delicate aromas, exciting flavors and lovely textures is offered by 100% cacao chocolate that is made with care, expertise and the finest cacao on the market.

One of the main strategies used by chocolate makers (for a more pleasant experience with this intense cocoa percentage) is to change its mouthfeel for the better. By adding cacao butter, the chocolate will become creamier and smoother. By adding cacao nibs, an expected crunch will be added for a more exciting texture. Even with these tactics, the percentage of cacao still remains the same, but by tweaking the ratio between cacao solids and cacao butter, and adding cocoa nibs, chocolate makers manage to offer a more entertaining mouthfeel. However, the real key to a successful 100% cacao chocolate is the selection of the cacao!

Consumers accustomed to craft chocolate know the different flavors that chocolate has to offer. Depending on the origin and on a million other factors, chocolate can taste fruity, floral, spicy, earthy, nutty. The lack of sugar can be (almost) forgotten by the presence of other flavors that entertain the palate in a true sensorial journey.

So, if you are still scared of this intense percentage, we suggest you give a try to craft chocolate creations like the “One Hundred Percent” bar by Fruition Chocolate, the “100% Jamaica” bar by Letterpress Chocolate and the “100% Belize” bar by Chocolate Tree.

Try it to believe it!

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