15% discount on all Raaka chocolate

Raaka chocolate needs no introduction. These true craftsmen from Brooklyn, New York make America’s most creative and innovative chocolate from unroasted single origin cacao. To celebrate their 8 years of existence Raaka have given their whole packaging line a complete makeover. Not only is every bar now wrapped in artwork inspired the landscapes of each origin, modeled after their trips to their producer partners. But their new Transparent Trade model comes to life on the inside of every wrapper. Now, when you open any Raaka bar, you can learn about the cacao producer they source from, what is paid for the cacao, how that stakes up against market prices, and what the supply chain between Raaka and each grower looks like. Truly transparent.

To honor this bold new look, we now offer 15% discount on all Raaka chocolate by using the couponcode: Raaka15

Enter the code on the shopping cart page of the checkout page.
The couponcode is valid thru to December 15th, and as supplies/stock lasts.

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