18 new Zotter Hand-scooped bars

Zotter opens this season with 18 new hand-scooped chocolates. Look out for classics like “Salted Caramel”, “Amarena Cherry”, “Tiramisu” and much more. Josef’s daughter Julia has developed two vegan classics – “Boozy Chocolate Mousse” and “White Brittle” – as well as some experimental flavours like the new “Seaweed Chocolate” (see below for JUlia’s personal report about how this bar came into being) and the supremely delicious “Whisky & Bacon”, which even attracted the attention of British television. We are also excited to feature “Yuzu”, the latest trend ingredient, with a stunning flavour somewhere between tangerine and lemon.

And because Zotter chocolates make a very popular give-away, we have 6 new gift chocolates in Zotter’s latest range: “All the Best“, “Sweet Greetings!“, “Sweet Break“, “Chocolate is Happiness“ and two chocolates that can be personalised: “For … from…“, easy to inscribe and perfect for any occasion, as well as an “Emoji Choco“, with smileys you can tick.

Seaweed Chocolate – by Julia Zotter

This is one of my favorite flavors of the new chocolate season! I’ve been wanting to create a chocolate&seaweed combo for a really long time but never quite found the perfect match for that fishy flavor. I LOVE seaweed, but somehow imagining it in chocolate was always a bit terrifying. Well, and then two things happened: 1) @gdalesandre (Dandelion’s cacao sorceror, red.) took me to his favorite ice cream shop in San Francisco, @gardencreamery , and I tried their Furikake (seaweed, sesame and chili)/ Popcorn flavor (?that’s how I remember it?) which took all the fear out of the equation. And then, 2), I was lucky to score a seat at @nomacph …and among all the mind-blowing dishes they served the dessert was…crazy. Fried fishskin, dipped in dark chocolate, with some spices (fennel, too, I think). And hell yeah, it worked out beautifully. So, I got some different seaweed samples, from Nori to Wakame and a lot in between, and sat down for a tasting. Damn, that was yucky! Sampling dried seaweed isn’t pleasant. At all. It tastes extremely fishy and salty, like licking a sweaty fish, if there was such a thing. But I was surprised at the sheer variety of flavor profiles! In the end I chose Dulse seaweed, which hails from Northern Ireland and has a natural sweetness to it. And I thought that if fried fishskin could work with chocolate then why not roast and caramelize the seaweed for a similarly nutty effect? Took a few botched attempts, but I think it turned out beautifully. Well, and pineapple works with a lot of fish (and other savoury) dishes, it can be paired with sugary and salty alike (thank you, years of devouring delicious food in Shanghai!). Well, I love it. Hope everyone else will feel the same. And if not, alas, I’ll eat it myself! @ zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur

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