Dear reader,

On November 9th the EU implemented a ruling, effective November 10th, which affects imports from the US into the EU. Concrete this means that an additional import duty of 25% will be levied on chocolate, so on top of the current 8,3%. The measure is a direct result of the ongoing dispute between the US and the EU concerning alledged 'subsidizing' of aircraft manufacturers, and the increase of import duties which the US implemented on EU imports as a result of that.

We believe that the measure is temporarily but are of course unaware of how long these will be in place.

A part of our product portfolio originates from the US, and is therefore affected by this ruling.

We have decided to, temporarily, pause imports from the US. Absorbing a 25% increase in cost is impossible and we believe it unfeasible to pass this huge increase on to you and the end-consumer.

This means that certain brands and products will not be available for the time being. Below an overview of the brands affected. For some there is still sufficient stock available so you can continue to place orders for these, for others there is very little stock available, and for some none at all. For all applies 'untill stock runs out'.

Taza Chocolate - sufficient stock available
Dick Taylor - some stock available
Fruition - some stock available
Raaka - stock available
Amano - little stock available
Cacaosuyo - some stock available - we are setting up alternative sourcing

Cuna de Piedra - no stock available
French Broad - no stock available
Letterpress - no stock available
Luisa Abram - a few bars available
Manoa - a few bars available
Markham & Fitz - no stock available
Qantu - a few bars available - we are looking for alternative sourcing
Ritual - no stock available
Solstice - no stock available

We sincerely apologise for this situation and truly hope the ruling will be withdrawn soon so we can resume imports.

There are some customers with orders just placed containing products which are now not available. We will contact you in order to adjust these accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for further information.

Warm regards,
Dennis van Essen
Direct phone: +31(0)6 53983365
E: [email protected]

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