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Eating good chocolate is an exquisite experience

Distributing specialty chocolate

Making people happy with good and honest chocolate, that’s what we want. Eating good chocolate is an exquisite experience! We deliberately choose for small and unique chocolate makers from the United States, Europe and Asia. They buy directly from cocoa farmers, pay premium prices, and work with great vision and attention to create beautiful chocolate. We like to keep the chains as transparent and short as possible. We do not sell the type of chocolate that you would find in the supermarket. By distributing specialty chocolate, we support the chocolate maker and the cocoa farmers too. Did you know that cocoa can contain 800 different flavor aromas? Every chocolate has its own specific character. Proving your customers with an unforgettable chocolate experience would make us happy.

About Us

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Dennis van Essen

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Bertine Manten

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Luke Owen Smith


Elaine Van Essen

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Perhaps it is because we have not been working in the chocolate business for so long (since 2014) that we work so passionately, accurately and in a personal way. In our team everyone brings his or her own expertise to the table. Organizing chocolate events, selling chocolate, writing articles, organizing tastings or master classes, judging at chocolate awards and much, much more. Our broad work and expertise leads to us always being on top of the latest trends. That is why we also know what your customers need, and how you can have a competitive advantage with the specialty chocolate that not many others sell.