FOSSA, Singapore

All the way from Singapore, Fossa’s two-ingredient dark chocolate bars showcase incredible talent, but their daring inclusion line is arguably the highlight of their labors. Fossa’s vision includes adding new origin bars using Asian cacao beans, and expanding their line-up of well-executed, fascinating inclusion bars.

About Fossa

  • Jay, Charis and Yilina are the minds behind this sensational bean-to-bar chocolate from Singapore that is conquering the palates of many craft chocolate lovers around the world.
  • Their single-origin bars include cacao from renowned producers like Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania, Finca la Rioja in Mexico and Costa Esmeraldas in Ecuador, but also cacao from niche and untapped growers in Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • A unique bar size, a distinctive design and a custom mold make the Fossa Chocolate bars recognizable among its competitors.
  • Their unique selling proposition lies in the collection of inclusion bars: innovative, unthinkable and unexpected ingredients like seaweed, sake, shrimps, orchid and lychee are masterfully combined with fine cocoa in dark, milk and white chocolate creations.
  • The Fossa Chocolate assortment is always dynamic and renovates often with limited editions, seasonal releases and new experimentations.
  • The company is very particular about the material and printing method. The Fossa Chocolate packaging is made of eco-label paper containing 50% recycled paper, giving it the subtle fibrous appearance. They also work very closely with a local artisan printer whose skilled craftsmen create all their letter-pressed prints by hand.
  • Founded just in 2017, Fossa Chocolate has already made a name for itself as Singapore’s first and most award-winning craft bean-to-bar chocolate.

The Fossa range

Fossa’s collection of single-origin bars highlights some of the most renowned cocoa in the fine chocolate industry. The brown notes of Tanzanian cacao from Kokoa Kamili are available in their classic 72% cocoa bar or the more intense 100% cocoa bar for purists. The best of Mexican cacao is expressed in the 72% Finca La Rioja bar with sweet notes of caramel and fresh cream, while the 80% Costa Esmeraldas is a trip to Ecuador thanks to floral and nutty flavors. But the true diamond of the collection is probably the 70% Indonesia bar, with cacao from a small single-estate farm in Yogyakarta. Worth of a mention is also the 70% Philippines bar with unique notes of tawny port, prunes and red dates.

Here is where you will find the true mastery of Fossa’s chocolate makers. First, the largest collection of craft chocolate bars with tea inclusions on the market: not just regular tea, but researched, small batch and rare tea varieties are accurately paired with the flavors of single-origin cacao. Remarkable are the Honey Orchid Dancong Oolong Tea, the Chrysenthemum Tea, the Duckshit Dancong Oolong Tea and the Drifting Snowflakes Jasmine Green Tea bars. But also the non-tea inclusions are as surprising, exciting and unexpected: Sake Kasu, Salted Egg Cereal Blond, Chilli Peanut Praline and Lychee Rose Dark Milk are just some of the bars in our assortment.

Curious if Fossa would be suitable for your store? Order the sample kit for a perfect introduction to the brand! The kit includes several items of different categories.

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