Chocolate and cheese pairing

How about pairing chocolate with cheese? Sounds too weird?

You might be happy to know that you can totally join the two worlds together in the same bite!

Although a sweet food, chocolate has a unique taste that pairs well with savory ingredients, bringing out the best of both worlds for a true decadent and creative experience. One of the most straightforward ways to enjoy chocolate and cheese is to set up a tasting. You can try a number of chocolate and cheese pairings and determine your favorite flavors and textures. To get the best ingredients for your tasting, try to purchase artisan chocolates and high-quality cheese. Consider buying your cheese from a cheese counter, so you can ask questions about pairings and get helpful suggestions. For the chocolate, we suggest craft bean-to-bar chocolate made with few, high-quality and very flavorful ingredients. The fun isn’t only in combining flavors, but also textures, from the freshest and softest cheeses to the firm and aged ones.

As for every chocolate pairing, there are two different directions you can take: pair similar flavors, or totally opposite ones for contrast.

If a chocolate is nutty, pair it with an aged, firm, nutty cheese. If it is a little savory and funky, pair it with a washed rind that will enhance those flavors. If the chocolate is intensely dark, pair it with a creamy blue. The other direction you can take is to find contrasts so that the cheese and chocolate do not overwhelm each other. One of those classic pairings is a triple cream with a dark chocolate. The cream in the triple cream cheese serves as a sweet, buttery accent to the astringent, slightly bitter quality of dark chocolate.

Nothing refrains you from experimenting with flavored chocolate too. For example: spicy cheese + orange dark chocolate, Camembert + milk chocolate, blue cheese + ginger dark chocolate, aged Gouda + chili chocolate.

If you want to make it professional, taste the cheese first and take notes, then taste the chocolate and take notes, then taste them together and see how both the cheese and the chocolate change in flavor when you savor them together.

What are your favorite chocolate + cheese combinations?

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