EVERYTHING from the ENTIRE Zotter range is now available to order! 500+ chocolates!

So far, we have always only had the part of the Zotter assortment available to order in English packaging. This however, makes up for only a part of the entire Zotter collection of over 500 items! We have had many requests from customers asking for other series from the huge Zotter collection, even though these […]

Spring Release Dick Taylor’s Blackberry Bergamot. Out now!

Welcoming back Blackberry Bergamot – 65% dark chocolate. A seasonal bar favorite of ours is back for the spring – Blackberry Bergamot! Sweet, dried blackberries and a hint of bergamot oil are mixed into Dick Taylor’s silky 65% dark chocolate from Belize. The blend of bergamot and berries creates a perfect balance of citrus and […]

We added the ENTIRE Zotter Spring & Easter Collection

We heared you! We made the Zotter Spring & Easter collection available to order recently, but only the products which are available in English packaging. However, the range which Zotter offers is much, much bigger! Although mainly available in German packaging. We received many requests from customers asking to order other items from this enormous […]

The conching process in chocolate making

What is the conching process and why is it used in chocolate making? The conching process dates back to 1879. The Swiss chocolate-maker Rudolph Lindt accidentally left a mixer containing chocolate running overnight. He woke up to realize that this changed the chocolate’s flavor and texture. The name of the equipment, the conche, is derived […]

The Easter Collection is available now

You can now order our Easter Chocolate Collection. Again, Zotter plays an important role in our Easter offering. 12 Hand-Scooped bars, a new Biofekt bonbon POP set “Funny Bunny”, 4 MiXing Easter Eggs and 3 MiXing Easter bunnies with fruity, nutty and boozy fillings make the range exiting! Special attention to several fine chocolate options […]

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