Whisky and Chocolate Pairing Guide

whisky and chocolate

Indulging in fine whisky or savouring a piece of craft chocolate can be delightful experiences on their own, but have you ever considered combining these two delectable treats? Whisky and chocolate, when paired thoughtfully, can create a symphony of flavours that tantalise the taste buds and leave a lasting impression. In this blog piece, we […]

New Taza Smooth & Crunchy Bars

taza chocolate

We’re excited to introduce the new range of Smooth & Crunchy bars from Taza Chocolate! These new Smooth & Crunchy bars are all made with silky smooth 70% dark chocolate, but they also have an extra-special Taza “crunch” thanks to LOTS of crispy crunchy add-ins like cookies, cornflakes and puffed quinoa. Like all Taza bars, […]

Best Vegan Chocolate

best vegan chocolate bars

Finding a good vegan chocolate bar might be tricky in the supermarket, but in the world of craft chocolate there are lots of exceptional vegan options. Many people don’t realise that the vast majority of dark chocolate is vegan. Because of the way it melts, people might think that it contains cream or butter, but […]

Our Top Ten Chocolate Books

chocolate books

If you’re a true chocoholic you’ve no doubt got a few chocolate books in your collection. These days there are lots of fantastic chocolate books available, including recipe books, historical books, chocolate making manuals and books about chocolate ethics. If you’d like to learn more about this incredible food, these are our top ten recommended […]

Communicating Chocolate Quality

craft chocolate quality

One of the tricky things for craft chocolate makers and retailers to convey to consumers is the experience of quality. Pretty much every chocolate company claims to have the highest quality chocolate made from the finest ingredients, so how do you differentiate your products and help people understand the true value (and higher price) of […]

Aging Chocolate

aging craft chocolate bean-to-bar

As discussed in our previous blog piece, many chocolate makers choose to age their chocolate before moulding it into bars, as the flavours continue to change and develop over time. Many believe that it’s essential to let chocolate age for at least one month, whereas others consider this process a waste of time. Whatever the […]

Coffee and Chocolate Pairing

coffee and chocolate tasting pairing

Coffee and cacao (the main ingredient of chocolate) are linked in so many ways. Both plants grow in tropical climates in many of the same areas of the world; both seeds go through similar processing methods, and both end products offer an almost-identical spectrum of potential flavours (from light and fruity to deep and roasty). […]

Heirloom Cacao Preservation

heirloom cacao preservation

There are so many reasons to support the kind of ethical and sustainable chocolate we stock at The High Five Company, and one that we’re particularly passionate about is the preservation of heirloom cacao. When we say ‘heirloom cacao’, we’re talking about the rare, ancient varietals of beans that many craft chocolate makers work with, […]

Origin Highlight – Semuliki Forest, Uganda

semuliki forest uganda cacao

For this month’s origin highlight, we want to introduce you to Semuliki Forest, Uganda. We currently stock a few exceptional bars made with beans from this origin, including the Fjak Uganda 70%, which recently won a bronze medal at the International Chocolate Awards World Finals. Located in Bundibugyo, Western Uganda, Semuliki Forest cacao is processed […]

Pairing Chocolate and Beer

pairing beer and chocolate

People often associate chocolate with wine, but we’ve always found that beer and chocolate are much better friends. There are so many different styles of both beer and chocolate, so it’s really fun looking for pairings and figuring out what works. When you find a good pairing, it has the possibility to elevate the beer […]

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