Chocolate shopping tips

Between misleading claims, shiny packaging and savvy storytelling, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make the best decisions when shopping for chocolate. Here are the biggest mistakes you should avoid to ensure you are only buying quality chocolate: 1) Ignore the ingredients list Do you know that a lot of chocolate bars on the market are […]

100% cacao chocolate: try it!

Are you still afraid of 100% cacao chocolate? It might be because you aren’t choosing the best options on the market! Even without the sugar, this intense kind of chocolate shouldn’t taste unpleasant, pungent and almost unbearable. If this happens, it’s because the cacao chosen wasn’t of good quality. When there is nothing to mask […]

Why chocolate goes so well with salt

Have you ever wondered why almost every chocolate maker has an inclusion bar with SALT in his/her assortment? Why does chocolate go so well with salt? Here are the main three reasons: 1) Salt is a sugar detector. When sodium is present, sensors located in our intestines and on our tongue that normally don’t alert […]

The process of tempering chocolate

Whenever you see chocolate on a marble table being moved right and left with a spatula, you are looking at the tempering process, a crucial step of the bean-to-bar process. But what are chocolate makers actually trying to achieve during this process? Let’s start from the basics. Tempering is done by melting solid chocolate to […]

Zotter Christmas Collection 2021 is now available

It’s that time of the year again, and Zotter’s new Christmas and seasonal collection IS NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER. We are thrilled offer you an amazing variety of 20 Hand-scooped Christmas Collection bars with delicious fillings, amongst which “Heavenly Delight”, “Merry Christmas”, “Jingle Bells Rock”, “Holy Night Burning Bright”. Some with a little bit of […]

Are you worried about the gluten in your chocolate?

Being in contact with our wholesale customers every day, this is something that a lot of chocoholics seem to be concerned about. Is chocolate gluten-free? How can I check if a chocolate bar is gluten-free? Where can I find gluten-free chocolate? Even when it’s not a full-on intolerance, gluten-free has become a popular lifestyle and […]

3 big mistakes to avoid in buying chocolate

Have you ever found yourself shopping for chocolate and then regretting your purchases? In his renowned book “Discover Chocolate”, expert Clay Gordon reveals 3 big mistakes to avoid to make sure we are spending our money on the right chocolate. In his own words: Buying chocolate based solely on where it is made. This is […]

Visit us at the Foodspecialty Fair in Houten Sept. 27-28

We participate in the Foodspecialty Fair in Houten, held on September 27th and 28th, 2021 from 13:00-22:00. Visit our booth 244b, entrance is free! The Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten is a contemporary exhibition where professionals from the entire food specialities business come together. Exhibitors come to strengthen customer acquisition and relationships, to demonstrate (new) products and bring […]

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