Origin Highlight – Semuliki Forest, Uganda

semuliki forest uganda cacao

For this month’s origin highlight, we want to introduce you to Semuliki Forest, Uganda. We currently stock a few exceptional bars made with beans from this origin, including the Fjak Uganda 70%, which recently won a bronze medal at the International Chocolate Awards World Finals. Located in Bundibugyo, Western Uganda, Semuliki Forest cacao is processed […]

Pairing Chocolate and Beer

pairing beer and chocolate

People often associate chocolate with wine, but we’ve always found that beer and chocolate are much better friends. There are so many different styles of both beer and chocolate, so it’s really fun looking for pairings and figuring out what works. When you find a good pairing, it has the possibility to elevate the beer […]

What we love about bean-to-bar craft chocolate

You may have noticed that we only stock chocolate from bean-to-bar chocolate makers – i.e. makers who control the whole process, starting with roasting the beans (although a couple of them actually grow their own cacao as well). There are some great chocolatiers who use pre-made couverture, but we are most excited by what’s happening […]

International Chocolate Awards – World Final 2021-22

Last month the International Chocolate Awards announced the World Final Winners for the 2021-22 competition. This is one of the most highly respected and prestigious awards in the chocolate industry, judged by a plethora of international experts, so the results are always eagerly anticipated. We were very happy to see that many of the products […]

Real Drinking Chocolate

drinking chocolate

If you’ve tried any of the drinking chocolates that we stock, you may have noticed that the texture and flavour is very different from what you’ve experienced before. What we sell is not just extremely high quality chocolate made with specialist cacao – it’s actually a totally different product to the hot chocolate that most […]

Transparency in the chocolate industry

One of the big differences you’ll find between bean-to-bar craft chocolate and mainstream-industrial chocolate is the level of transparency. Big chocolate companies tend to be very secretive about their processes and where their ingredients come from, and you’d be hard pressed to find the bean origin of some cheap confectionery. It’s very hard to have […]

What exactly do we mean by ‘craft’ chocolate

Here at The High Five Company, we choose to stock craft chocolate instead of mainstream-industrial chocolate. But what exactly do we mean by ‘craft’ chocolate? Put simply, we’re talking about chocolate that is made in small batches, from scratch (from bean to bar), and using high quality specialist cacao. Rare, heirloom cacao varieties are more […]

FOODSPECIALTY FAIR 2022 – come say hi!

FOODSPECIALTY FAIR 2022 We’re looking forward to attending the Vakbeurs Foodspecialiteiten trade show in Houten, The Netherlands, on the 26th and 27th of September. Joining us on our stand we’ll have Alastair from Chocolate Tree, Mark from Krak Chocolade, Brett from MIA Flavour and Standout Chocolate. Of course we’ll have more to see and taste, […]

New brand alert: Amedei Toscana

We’re excited and honored to welcome Italian bean-to-bar heavyweight Amedei Toscana to our range. Founded in Tuscany by Cecilia Tessieri in 1990, Amedei was one of the first ever chocolate makers to put bean-to-bar craft chocolate on the world stage. After extensive training in Belgium, Germany and France, Cecilia returned home to Italy with a […]

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