Conditions & Terms


  • We have no minimum order for EU customers.
  • Minimum order for non-EU customers is €500,-
  • Ordering goes by case quantity.
  • You can order via the normal product pages in the webshop or via the Quick Order Form.
  • In My Quick Order you will find items you have previously ordered - even more convenient for repeat purchases!
  • Both the Recommended Retail Price (incl. 9% VAT) as well the wholesale price (excl. VAT) is indicated for each product.

Product types and lead time

We work with a tiered lead-time structure and the lead-time depends on the type of product. We distinguish three types of products in our range;

 Stock productsSpecial Order ProductsSpecial Order products
Brands / productsAmano, Aruntam, Cacaosuyo, Chocolate Tree, Dick Taylor,
Fjåk, Fossa, Fruition, Hogarth, Menakao, MIA, Raaka, Taza,
To'ak and Zotter.
All Zotter hand-scooped bars
All To'ak Origin Bars
Cuna de Piedra, French Broad, Letterpress, Luisa Abram, Mañoa,
Markham & Fitz, Qantu, Ritual and Solstice.
Procedurethese we supply from stockthese we do not stock and supply on customer orderthese we do not stock either, we collect all orders from our customers during the month
and we order it in from the US on the first day of the new month, lead-time is then
before the 10th of that month.
For example:
- if you order on Sept 2nd, you will get the product before Oct 10.
- if you order on Sept. 30th, you will also get it before Oct. 10th.
- this applies to every month.
Lead-time1-3 working days1-2 weeks10 days to 40 days

On the Product page ('product data' tab) as well as on the Quick Order Form the type of product and the respective lead-time is indicated.

Orders combining Stock and Special Order Products

If your order consists of product from more than one lead-time category we will normally ship when the order is complete 9when the Special Order products have been received). In case the despatch date as a result of that comes to more than two weeks we will contact you to confirm to wait or make a partial delivery.


We ship by DPD. DPD usually deliver within 24 hours (within Holland and Belgium). For other countries the lead-time is about 2-3 days. After your order is processed and ready to ship you will receive a notification by email, detailing the scheduled delivery date and a Track & Trace code.

Shipping costs

We charge a fixed fee for shipping (figures exclude VAT):


 Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6
Countriesthe Netherlands
Czech Republic
Rest of the world
Shipping costs€7,50€12,50€20,-€25,-€30,-Actual cost
Free order (free shipping)€300,-€450,-€750,-€1.000,-€1.250,-none
Minimum ordernonenonenonenonenone€500,-

We do not arrange transportation for orders to customers outside the EU, these need to arrange shipping themselves.

In case you wish to book your own transport, you can indicate this at checkout. We then do not charge shipping- or order costs.


Domestic (Netherlands):

  • Invoice - settlement terms 21 days d.o.i.


  • In advance, before despatch of the goods.

Late Payment Policy:
We send two reminders, within 1 and 2 weeks after the due date. We apply a 10% late fee for late payments more than 14 days overdue plus any charge involved of collecting service.

Special Order Products

Orders for special-order products cannot be cancelled after the set cut-off date. Upon placing the order a payment obligation exists.


The invoice for your order is send by email when the order is processed and shipped.


  • All suggested retail prices are incl. 9% VAT, all wholesale prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • It is possible to apply 0% VAT for EU customers based outside Holland. Please store your VAT number in the designated area of your account pages, or the checkout page.

Best By Date (BBD)

Attention: the date format on all American packaging is as follows: MM-DD-YY (the month first, opposite to what is custom in Europe).

American artisanal chocolate makers normality give 12 months from date of production. Chocolate which we supply you with has a Best By Date of minimum 4 months.

We discount and clear all product with a shorter Best By Date.