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Extra Round Pre-Orders December 2018

Extra round Pre-Orders Normally we process pre-orders on the first day of each month and deliver these within the two subsequent weeks. With regard to the upcoming holiday month we have decided to process an extra round of pre-orders. Place your pre-order before November 20th, and we’ll deliver it before November 30th, way in time for the busy December month. PRE-ORDER […]

New: Pre-Order range

Stock vs Pre-Order In order to offer an as up-to-date, complete and fresh range as possible we have developed an ingenious logistical solution. Part of the range is available from our stock in Haarlem and part is available on special order (‘Pre-Order’). The website and the price-/ordersheets indicate either clearly per product. Also, the ‘Quick-Order‘ form […]

Here is High Five 2.0!

Here is HIGH FIVE 2.0! Chocolate makes everything better Bean-to-bar chocolate is hot! Not only do we see a strong rise of many new craft chocolate makers, an increase in the number of retailers, hospitality venues and chocolatiers/patissiers who see bean-to-bar chocolate as a perfect tool to for differentiation, but also we see more and more […]

New Raaka pricing

New Raaka pricing! The European market will become more and more important for Raaka. And that is good news for us, all Raaka fans and you! A new pricing structure is part of the new strategy. Together with Raaka we have done our utmost to reach a suggested retail price for all bars of €5,95. This new […]

Closure of end-user webshop

Effective September 1st, 2018 we will focus solely on supplying our wholesale customers and therefore will discontinue our webshop for consumers. We started almost 4 years ago importing and distributing bean-to-bar chocolate. To make this ‘other kind of chocolate’ available and accessible for the general public we opened our webshop for to end-user. We have […]