Fruition’s “Noe” Limited Release Bar in Collaboration with Eclat Chocolate

Two chocolate makers, one rare cacao

What happens when two of America’s leading artisan chocolate companies come together? Something so special and rare the whole craft chocolate world takes notice: the “Noe” 80% bar by Bryan Graham of Fruition Chocolate Works and Christopher Curtin of Eclat Chocolate. Named after Noe Vasquez, the only producer to grow the largest cacao bean variety known to northern Peru, the “Noe” bar is an expressive cross of Nacional and Criollo varieties and showcases a light, yet sophisticated flavor.

Due to the unusually large cocoa beans and the cocoa pod’s thin husk, these beans have only a 1-day harvest window, and are so difficult to grow commercially that this variety has never been offered for sale as chocolate.

Also chocolate expert Clay Gordon has showed his appreciation for this bar (you can read his words here: )

It is currently available only for selected distributors and retailers. Guess what? We managed to put our hands on ONLY a few cases of these for the European market 😉

But HURRY UP! Quantities are limited for this rare beauty.

Ps. this very special chocolate can be ordered by bar.