Go NUTS with Taza!

NEW: Taza Chocolate Covered Nuts!

That’s right, Taza’s Chocolate Covered Nuts are now available in 119 gram bags, and we know you’ll go nuts over them!

Just how do Taza make this mind-blowingly satisfying snack? The secret is in the stones. Taza start by sourcing the best organic nuts, because their Wicked High Standards demand it. They roast them in-house, because if you want it done right you have to do it yourself. Then Taza does something that no one else is bold enough to do: they stone-grind the best cacao beans to make chocolate that explodes with intensity and perfectly balanced not-too-sweetness. Taza’s unprocessed process treats their Direct Trade cacao with respect and delivers you a jaw-droppingly-delicious chocolate experience.

With a choice of hazelnuts, cashews and almonds, prepare your customers for an explosive chocolate-meets-nuts experience that can only come from Taza stone ground chocolate. Snack nirvana achieved!

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