New: Cacao Hunters!

Some say Colombia is the new frontier of heirloom and wild cacao, due to the country’s huge number of unique varietals, as well as unknown numbers of wild cacao. Cacao Hunters is a group of cacao experts that delve deeply into remote Colombian jungles to find native varieties previously unexplored by today’s chocolate makers. While many of Cacao Hunter’s origins are new to our palates, they are absolute jewels of cacao.

We offer real chocolate in every price category and every quality. We have now added Cacao Hunters to our top-quality ‘on order’ * range. If you want to offer your customers an unrivaled cacao experience than please consider Cacao Hunters. Their bars are extremely well suited for the more experienced chocolate lover who can appreciate more complex flavor profiles.

The Cacau Hunters range consists of two series:

Origin chocolate in two packaging varieties (‘Diptico’and the more affordable ‘Sachets’).
‘Heirloom’ chocolate of absolute top-quality. Certainly not cheap, but worth every cent. Heirloom cacao are the diamonds of cacao – they are the foundation of the best tasting chocolate.

* ‘On order’ products: order until (inclusive) the last day of every month – we deliver within two following weeks (maximum).

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