New: Goodnow Farms

Goodnow Farms write history

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you Goodnow Farms Chocolate owned and run by Tom and Monica Rogan, the cacao whisperers behind Goodnow Farms’ success. What makes their chocolate so exceptional is the unparalleled creaminess and intensity of flavor is due to their commitment to a unique process.

In their chocolate factory next to the barn on their 225 year old farm in Massachusetts Monica and Tom roast, winnow, stone grind and temper the cacao they’ve sourced personally. The resulting bars are then carefully hand wrapped.

Not only do they use cacao with the highest flavor potential, they also go the extra step of pressing their own single origin cocoa butter for each variety of cacao, creating chocolate that stays true to the bean in every way. The resulting bars express unparalleled creaminess and intensity of flavor.

We aren’t the only ones taking notice of Goodnow Farms Chocolate. Their short history is studded with an astonishing amount of awards (sixteen in just two years!), from the Northwest Chocolate Festival, the International Chocolate Awards, the Academy of Chocolate, and the Good Food Awards.

We’re proud to share Goodnow Farms Chocolate with you. Their bars fit in the premium segment of the market and are much desired by chocolate connaisseurs.