To’ak Kampot Pepper Aged 3 Years (80,5% Cacao)

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The world’s most celebrated pepper, from the Cambodian province of Kampot, meets the world’s most luxurious dark chocolate, from To’ak in Ecuador—aged for three years. A bold and floral chocolate with an artful touch of spice. Ideal for pairing with cheese, tequila, or rye whisky. Sample of Kampot pepper is included.

Flavor profile:
Nose: A fresh herbal tone with rich chocolatey notes enlivened by floral spice.

Palate: Earthy, hints of nuts and dark fruits, pepper comes in at the mid-palate with hints of wood and coffee, spice and citrus on the backend.

Finish: Smooth buttery texture, floral shades of pepper with hints of wood and coffee, long alluring finish.

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