The Chocolate Tree: half the size but just as delicious!

The Scottish chocolate maker and main man behind The Chocolate Tree, aims to make beautiful, delicious, and sustainable chocolate available to a wide audience. His range of 12 bars can hence be found in a large variety of shops throughout Europe. And the number of fans continues to grow.

All 12 bars are from June onwards available in also half size! Exactly half the size of a normal bar to be precise, t.w. 40 gram. All of these 12 bars are wrapped in exactly the same packaging as the normal bars, but also half the size. And: a suggested retail price of €2,95 makes this even more interesting, and a perfect impuls purchase product.

We have already listed these 12 ‘small’ 40 gram bars, they are available to order. Place your pre-order now and you will receive them as first! We start shipping them out on June 19th from which date they are available from stock.

Order the new small Chocolate Tree bars