The name is Bunny, Easter Bunny!

The name is Bunny, Easter Bunny!

Zotter’s new Easter/Spring as well as Mother’s- &  Father’s day collection is here! Dozens of special chocolates, and of course: all are Organic, Direct Trade en completely made from bean-to-bar in Austria by Josef Zotter.

Hand-scooped “filled chocolate bars’  (suggested retail €3,95)

  • Delicious hand-scooped (filled) chocolate bars, many of which alcohol free
  • Broad selection of Vegan variations like the new ‘Bunny Grass’ with hempseeds
  • New flavours like the ‘Cheeky Bunnies’ with praliné and cookies and the ‘Easter Bunnies Everywhere’ with strawberry mousse in white chocolate
Labooko (suggested retail €3,95)
  • 7 speciale Easter Labooko’s
  • A number of which containing 2 different bars
Mitzi Blue (suggested retail €3,95)
  • In 5 special editions including the ‘Hot Chicken’ decorated with colourful easter eggs
MiXing (suggested retail€10,95)
  • Beautifully decorated and handmade eggs and bunnies in festive packaging

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