Introducing Chocolate Baure

chocolate baure

We’re excited to introduce Chocolate Baure to our wholesale selection!

When Marcela Baldivieso and David Vacaflores visited the Bolivian side of the Amazon Rainforest in 2000, what was meant to be a relaxing holiday turned into a life changing experience. Marcela and David were captivated by the natural richness of the rainforest, and in particular the abundance of wild cacao. In 2001 they set up Chocolate Baure – initially creating rustic and traditional chocolate using homemade machinery, before upgrading to a more sophisticated bean-to-bar operation in 2009. Today, they make arguably the finest chocolate in Bolivia. 

chocolate baure

  • All of Chocolate Baure’s bars are made with 100% wild-grown cacao from the Beniano region of eastern Bolivia. This is some of the rarest single origin chocolate in the world.
  • The company supports up to 1000 Amazonian native families and boosts socio-economic development in the region.
  • Harvesting wild cacao adds value to the natural rainforest habitat and protects biodiversity. Wild cacao collection is more in harmony with the environment than traditional agriculture.
  • Chocolate Baure creates many jobs and organises workshops, hiring international experts to train local people in cacao processing techniques.
  • All Chocolate Baure bars are 100% certified organic, vegan and gluten free.
  • The chocolate has an exceptional and unique flavour profile from the wild Beniano cacao, which tested 98% pure (almost entirely unique genetics – only 2% crossover with any other cacao variety).

We’re stocking two lines from the Chocolate Baure range…

Single Origin Bars

All single origin bars are made with just two ingredients – wild Beni cacao and organic cane sugar. They are a pure expression of highly-rare cacao and Amazonian terroir. These bars are certified organic, vegan and gluten free. Available in the following sizes – ?

Inclusion Bars

This fun and innovative range of bars combines wild-harvested Beni cacao with local Bolivian flavours, such as lemongrass, maca and Locoto chilli. These 70g bars are made with organic ingredients (two are fully-certified organic) and they are vegan and gluten free. We love how these bars perfectly pair the natural flavours of rare cacao with ingredients that are grown nearby, creating a truly Bolivian taste sensation.

Find out more and place your wholesale orders here.

chocolate baure

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