Introducing Chocolate de Mesa!

Cuna de Piedra: The essence of tradition.

Chocolate de Mesa, or chocolate of the table, is an homage to traditional Mexican drinking chocolate from Cuna de Piedra. With roots in pre-Hispanic times, the drink expresses the traditions of cacao consumption before the arrival of the Spaniards. In many places of Mexico (such as Oaxaca) drinking chocolate is still consumed regularly on all occasions: funerals, weddings, baptisms and other festivities, but in other places the tradition has been lost.

Cuna de Piedra hopes to change this. Chocolate de Mesa is the essence, in the most authentic manner, of the way the chocolate makers’ grandmothers consumed cacao. Each disc honors the beauty of tradition, while sharing it with the people of Mexico and lovers of cacao across the world.

With Chocolate de Mesa comes The High Five comapny’s first experience with cacao lavado. Historically, the concept of fermenting cacao was brought to Mexico in the mid-1960s by foreigners who demanded the process for international standards of the “Fine Chocolate Industry.” With their new drinking chocolate, Cuna de Piedra works to debunk the idea that washed and unfermented cacao, or cacao lavado, is of inferior quality to its fermented cousin.

Read more about the women guardians of cacao lavado below in the footer of this post, and check out a recent article in Imbibe Magazine, Divine Nourishment: The Origin of the Chocolate We Drink (and Eat), by chocolate expert Simran Sethi, who explores the traditions of drinking cacao with an ode to Cuna de Piedra.

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