Labooko: pure chocolate variation by Zotter

Every year Zotter surprises with more innovative and creative chocolate. When it turned out that the Labooko series would be expanded for the new season with no less than 6 pure variants – 4 of which from Africa (which will surprise you!) – and 2 new ‘gift’ bars, we immediately decided it was time to o make the entire Labooko series available from stock.

In the Labooko line, Zotter presents premium cocoa from the best cocoa regions in the world. Each chocolate contains a cocoa rarity with its own history: be it Mayan cocoa from Belize or Peruvian cocoa, which is cultivated by indigenous peoples in the middle of the rain forest and ensures the traditional life of these tribes. In addition, there is also a lot of colorful fruit chocolate, whose amazing colors and flavors all come naturally from the fruits they contain, as well as a large selection of vegan chocolate creations.

Zotter buys all raw materials in fair trade and in organic quality and processes them directly in-house, from bean to bar.

Tasting notes
On each Labooko package you will find a short taste profile on the back and an extensive version on the inside. The packs are works of art in themselves, all designed by Josef Zotter’s good friend Andreas Gratze.

With a suggested retail price of € 3.95 (and an attractive margin) per 70 gram bar, the Labooko series from Zotter is the ultimate beautiful fine flavor chocolate that appeals to a very large group of consumers.

More than 40 (!) Different Labookos available from stock! If you want to present them perfectly, take a look at the new display with space for 15 types of Labookos.

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