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Last week we introduced three new limited edition ‘microlot’ bars from Fjåk Chocolate. Part of the ‘Cocoa Explorers’ series, these 70% dark chocolates take the term ‘single origin’ to another level. All three are made with super rare and specialist cacao beans that have been processed in very small batches, in order to highlight incredible nuances and terroir from different farms and growing regions. These bars are for the serious chocolate geeks! 

We’re seeing more and more microlot chocolate being made around the world. In the 1990s, chocolate makers like Valrhona and Amedei pioneered the concept of ‘single origin’ chocolate, and before long it became normal to see the cacao beans’ country of origin printed on a chocolate wrapper. But ‘single origin’ can mean many things and it has no legal definition.   

Microlot chocolate is the latest progression of single origin. Technically, chocolate made with cacao beans from one country can be called single origin, even if the beans are a blend from thousands of farms, or from many different regions of the country. There’s a huge spectrum of specificity. Beyond the country, you can have bars made with beans from a specific geographical region or province, then you might have a specific cooperative or small group of farms. Lastly, you get down to the chocolate made with beans from one specific farm, or even a specific tree!  

So, why does it matter? Well, just like with wine or coffee, the more specific you get, the more unique the terroir and potential flavour notes. It doesn’t mean it’s better chocolate – there are amazing bars made with blended beans from multiple countries – but it is arguably more fascinating. When you taste chocolate made with beans from a variety of places, it might be delicious, but you won’t be able to pinpoint exactly where each element of the flavour comes from. Honing in on a specific farm gives you a pure expression of one type of cacao, just like tasting wine made with grapes from one small vineyard.

fjak chocolateOne of the things we love about craft chocolate is the diversity of flavour notes. There are lots of different mass produced chocolate bars, but the main flavour note is almost always ‘chocolate’, which is why most people think of chocolate as being one specific flavour or aroma. In craft chocolate, bars made with just cacao beans and sugar can taste like hundreds of different things, such as cherries, walnuts, honey, coconut or malt. The possibilities are infinite! 

Microlot chocolate introduces us to the peak of flavour diversity. We’re incredibly lucky to be alive in this era of chocolate, with the ability to taste so many rare and unique origins of cacao. Because who wants to taste the same type of chocolate over and over?! If you watched the same film or listened to the same album every day, you’d probably go mad. So discover the joys of microlot bars today, and find your chocolate sanity!  

Top Microlot Picks (All limited editions!)

Fruition Chocolate – Bolivia Beniano Tranquilidad

Qantu – Hidden Treasure

Standout Chocolate – Piura Yahuandez 2022

standout chocolate

New Fjåk Cocoa Explorer Bars  

COLOMBIA, TUMACO – notes of chocolate ganache, almond & apple. Highlighting a vibrant mix of local and unique cacao genetics from the Tumaco region. 

ECUADOR, HACIENDA LIMON – notes of floral Honey and hazelnut. Using the excellent ‘Heirloom Cacao Preservation’ accredited cocoa beans from Samuel von Rutte’s Hacienda Limon farm.

TANZANIA, WOMEN’S LOT – notes of cherry & coffee. This chocolate is made exclusively with cocoa from 3 women headed farms in Tanzania.

These bars are very limited and won’t be around for long. Place your wholesale orders today!

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