New brand Alert 🍫🛎: MIA – Made in Africa

New: MIA – Made in Africa

The MIA movement is an opportunity that was born completely out of chance. Years after a happily random encounter between a chocolate enthusiast and a foodie, they began to work on a concept for a food brand that would transcend mere taste.

In doing so, they began an ongoing series of collaborations with an African development entrepreneur, a unique brand designer and a group of people who are passionate about social impact. These collaborations have resulted in MIA.

Each and every item that carries the MIA name is entirely crafted by communities in Africa. To this end, MIA collaborate with Proudly Made in Africa (PMIA). PMIA ensures that products aren’t just made in Africa, but are primarily done so with locally sourced ingredients and materials, creating more jobs on a continent where a single income can support an entire family.

Africa is home to a wonderfully rich variety of natural food resources. Madagascar’s small-scale farming tradition has earned Madagascan cocoa the classification of a fine flavour crop from the International Cocoa Organization. MIA chocolate is produced with this fine flavour cocoa sourced directly from independent farmers in the Sambirano Valley of Northwest Madagascar.

The MIA range

  • 8 dark bars of which 2 plain (75% & 100%) and 6 flavored
  • Suggested retail price €4,95 per 75g bar
  • Giftpack with 5 bars
  • POS display with signing

Available from stock, lead-time 1-3 days

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