New brand alert 🍫🛎: Menakao!

New: Menakao Chocolate from Magascar

Another amazing company is joining our assortment of craft bean-to-bar chocolate: Menakao Chocolate from Madagascar.

MENA stands for “red”, KAO for “cocoa”. This company uses cocoa beans from the best planter cooperatives in the Sambirano Valley in the Ambanja region. Red is the color of the pods that grow there, and red is also the color shade of the resulting chocolate. All Menakao chooclate is produced locally, in Madagascar.

We have been attracted by not only the fine flavor of these bars, but also by their unique packaging that highlights the faces of different ethnic groups that represent the Malagasy people.

Available in 11 popular single origin varieties, of which 3 milk and 8 dark bars. In cacao percentages ranging from 45% to 100%.

  • Suggested retailprice: €4,50 / bar
  • Nett weight: 75 gram
  • Cacao Origin: Madagascar
  • Allergens: May contain traces of dairy and nuts
  • Leadtime: 1-3 days (stock product)
  • Order quantity: 12 bars

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