New Fjåk Chocolate


We’re so excited to introduce the incredible new range of Fjåk Chocolate bars! New packaging, new bar mould, new flavours, new origins. Same exceptional Fjåk!

A few key updates to the range…

  • The chocolate bars now have a unique mould design.
  • The bars are now thinner for a finer mouth feel.
  • The bars are wider, with more space for ingredients.
  • The bar weight has increased to 60g.
  • The bars are now ‘flow-wrapped’ in new copper-coloured foil, which keeps the chocolate fresh and stable for longer.
  • The new packaging is larger, has finer qualities and is more tactile.
  • The bars now come pre-packaged in cases of 12 bars.
  • The case (holding 12 bars) no longer serves as a display box. For that reason, a separate, flat packed, display case can be ordered separately.
  • Multiple new bars have been added to the range. There are 3 main categories: Single Origin, Nordic Collection and Limited Editions.
  • Within the Limited Editions category there are sub-categories: Nordic Specials, World Flavour, Cake Series and Bold & Boozy.
  • We now offer a Fjåk display made of oak veneer.

Find out more and place your wholesale orders here.

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