New packaging for Solstice Chocolate

The Solstice Chocolate bars have changed their appearance, but not their acclaimed fine flavors.

Every chocolate bar has unique tasting notes that highlight the place of origin where the cacao was sourced:

70% Anamalai (India) – bright notes of passion fruit, subtle hints of peanut, and tangy raspberries 🍓
70% Camino Verde (Ecuador) – tasting notes of nuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon 🌰
70% Sambirano (Madagascar) – notes of tangy citrus, bright berries, and red fruit 🍋
70% Bundibugyo (Uganda) – earthy, fudge, yeast bread, and saltine tasting notes 🍞

And many more!

There is a Solstice bar for every palate!

Discover our selection of Solstice bars
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