New: Rabitos Royale!

Soft, ripe Mediterranean figs stuffed with a boozy truffle and then covered with a thin layer of fine dark chocolate. Made in Spain, these are the best treats for chocolate lovers who desire an extra touch of class.

Available range

We have several packaging variations available in the range: 3, 6, 9, 16 and 25 pieces for retail to bulkpacks of 1Kg and 4Kg which are suitable for sales of single pieces in retail or hospitality. Suggested retail prices starting at €3,95.


Rabitos are now available to order (use the Quick Order form for easy ordering), or via email or telephone. Your Rabitos will be delivered in the first week of September after which they will be available (although limited) from stock. We will do a subsequent round of pre-orders in November for the holiday season for which the special Christmas edition will become available.


To support sales we will feature the Rabitos on our social media channels. Moreover, several food / lifetsyle bloggers will review the Rabitos thereby creating exposure.

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