New: Zotter Whole Nuts chocolate bars

Zotter Whole Nuts

The chocolate with whole nuts. Crunchy and totally nuts.

Whole nuts dip into chocolate and entice with a great design.

A top combination: first-class, pure chocolate with whole nuts, or also fruity and playful with raisins. Crunchy, fine, chocolaty and cool – the chocolate with an edge for nut and pleasure fans. The crunchy chocolate with whole nuts.

For Whole Nuts Zotter first roast whole, fresh, organic nuts, such as hazelnuts, almonds and cashews. At the same time they produce the chocolate, bean to bar, and made from the finest cacao. At their chocolate studio, liquid chocolate is enhanced with nuts and freshly made praline and finally formed into bars.

The Zotter Whole Nuts range is available from stock – leadtime 2-3 days. Available only in German packaging.

Zotter Whole Nuts Peanut BIO

A milk chocolate made with peanut praline and whole peanuts

The American Dream: whole, freshly roasted peanuts in milk chocolate with a 60 % cacao content and enhanced with homemade peanut praline and a pinch of salt.

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Zotter Whole Nuts Grape + Nut BIO

Milk chocolate with hazelnut praline, raisins and whole nuts

Crunchy and fruity: whole hazelnuts, almonds, cashews and raisins in milk chocolate and enhanced with homemade hazelnut praline, which makes the whole thing an even nuttier tender-melting miracle.

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Zotter Whole Nuts Pecan Nut BIO

A vegan rice couverture with pecan praline and whole pecan nuts

The sweet, American walnut: whole, freshly roasted pecan nuts, a sweet walnut variation, dunked in rice couverture with a 50% cacao content. This rice couverture, a perfect vegan milk chocolate alternative, is enhanced with homemade pecan praline to create a nutty, tender chocolate, which is crunchy, smooth and entirely vegan.

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Zotter Whole Nuts Macadamia BIO

A milk chocolate with macadamia praline and whole macadamia nuts

The Australian queen of nuts: whole, freshly roasted macadamias, which count among the most expensive nuts in the world, dunked in milk chocolate with a 50% cacao content and enhanced with a sublime, homemade macadamia praline to create a delicious chocolate with a smooth melt.

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Zotter Whole Nuts Hazelnut BIO

A dark chocolate with hazelnut praline and whole hazelnuts

A crunchy classic: whole, freshly roasted hazelnuts in dark chocolate with a 60% cacao content, enhanced with homemade hazelnut praline and a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. In addition, this nutty indulgence is completely vegan.

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Zotter Whole Nuts Cashew BIO

A milk chocolate with cashew praline and whole cashews

Sublime bearers of happiness: whole, freshly roasted cashews covered in milk chocolate with a 40% cacao content and enhanced with the finest homemade cashew praline and a subtle pinch of Bourbon pepper. This one is called the champagne of pepper varieties, and it lends our chocolate a mild tingle, just like genuine champagne.

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Zotter Whole Nuts Almond BIO

White chocolate with almond praline and whole almonds

Almond mania: whole, freshly roasted almonds dunked in a sublime combination of white chocolate and homemade almond praline. Almonds belong to the rose family, so we wanted to pay a bit of a floral tribute to this fact and added a small pinch of rose petals.

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