NEW: Zotter’s ‘Squaring the Circle’

The chocolate collection with trendy sugar alternatives and sugar-free chocolates.

Available in 13 varieties, in dark, milk, white and fruit. And in several vegan options.

With the new SQUARING THE CIRCLE range, Zotter presents chocolates made with today’s brand-new trendy sweeteners (coconut, maple, dates, fruits), and some made with no sugar added at all.

This range proves that, even if you are cutting back on sugar in your daily diet, you don’t need to restrict yourself and take the sad decision to avoid chocolate. As you can see, there are many solutions that can fit all your needs, goals and preferences.

Order them today for your specialty store and cafe to satisfy the rising demand for alternative sugars in chocolate. Do you want to try the bars yourself first before committing to an order: order a ‘Squaring the Circle’ Sample Kit!

  • Case size: 10 bars.
  • 70 gram per bar.
  • Suggested retail €3,95.

Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ Wild Berry Coconut with Date Sugar

Fruity and entirely vegan: a purple fruit bar, created from a white coconut couverture and many raspberries and blueberries, which lend this delicious creation its stunning colour and authentic and very berry flavour. It is sweetened with date sugar, the new and trendy ingredient which is made from dried dates and represents a natural sugar alternative with fine notes of caramel. Added to this mix is a dash of lemon and pure cocoa butter for the melt.

Flavour profile:
Expressive berry mix with refreshing fructose, a subtle coconut milk character, echoes of lemon and a coconut and date finish.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ White Choco with Maple Sugar

White chocolate with aromatic maple sugar: a white chocolate bar that’s not too sweet. The wonderful mountain milk is noticeable in the foreground as well as the pure cocoa butter that gives the bar its delicious, fine melt. It is subtly sweetened with maple sugar, which features mild notes of caramel and is prepared from the sap of the maple tree by turning it into maple syrup, a very popular condiment in the US and Canada, and subsequently crystallising it.

Flavour profile:
Intense milky caramel pudding with notes of maple syrup, whipped cream and vanilla as well as echoes of lemon and lime.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ White Coconut with Organic Sweetener

Exotic coconut flavour with subtle, zero-calorie sweetener: a white, vegan bar with an exciting coconut scent and flavour. It’s subtly sweetened with erythritol, the organic sugar alternative that tastes of sugar but has zero calories. and also features white rice couverture and pure cocoa butter for a delicious melt.

Flavour profile:
Intense, exotic-tropical flavour of coconut and roasted coconut flakes with buttery and creamy accents, mild notes of citrus and a refreshing erythritol effect.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ Hazelnut with Date Sugar

A milk chocolate alternative containing nuts, cacao and trendy date sugar. This is an entirely new bean-to-bar creation which tastes like a nutty milk chocolate. It’s made from fine flavour cacao, sweet whey and hazelnuts, has a high cacao content of 50% and contains date sugar, which gives it a mild caramel flavour

Flavour profile:
Creamy-smooth, very well-rounded cacao to nut ratio, a pleasant sweetness alongside a mild, refreshing acidity, intense notes of dark, roasted hazelnuts and a wonderful melt.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ Dark Choco with Coconut & Mango, Sweetened Only with Fruit

Dark chocolate with tropical fruit: this one is hugely original – dark chocolate enhanced with coconut milk, coconut flakes and pure mangoes ground into a fine powder. It has a surprisingly fruity and excitingly tropical flavour and refreshing, tangy notes of mango. Its mild sweetness is derived entirely from fruit and this heavenly, tender-melting chocolate is completely vegan.

Flavour profile:
Beautiful roasted cocoa aroma, distinct coconut character with refreshing fructose, subtly sweet and wonderfully well-rounded through addition of the mango.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ Coconut Caramel with Coconut Sugar

A vegan coconut caramel bar with an exciting coconut flavour and a fine, caramelly sweetness. Created from coconut milk, caramelised, finely milled coconut flakes, 40% cocoa and coconut sugar which is derived from the flower buds of the coconut tree and develops a beautiful caramel flavour.

Flavour profile:
Everything coconut! Expressive coconut character with notes of caramel, cocoa and Amarena cherries.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ Cashew with Maple Sugar

A sweet, vegan milk chocolate alternative sweetened with maple sugar – an exciting sugar variety which is obtained by crystallising the sap of the maple tree. This vegan milk chocolate alternative is created with fine flavour cacao beans, cashews and only 20% maple sugar, which we process bean-to-bar to produce an entirely new and delicious creation, pleasantly sweet even without much sugar.

Flavour profile:
A praline-soft body with a very sweet nut butter character: sweet, milky, buttery and still vegan with a very creamy finish. The cashews give this chocolate its buttery-soft texture but are quite subtle in flavour.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ 50% Milk Choco with Date Sugar

Milk chocolate with organic date sugar: a milk chocolate with a 50% cocoa content, organic mountain milk and trendy date sugar, the new shooting star among the sugar alternatives. It is a natural sugar made from dried, ground dates and it is pretty much as sweet as brown sugar but features mild notes of caramel.

Flavour profile:
Intense chocolate milk character, milky caramel, cream, salted peanuts, waffles and dates.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ 60% Milk Choco with Coconut Sugar

Milk chocolate with lots of cocoa power and caramel-flavoured coconut sugar: This milk chocolate and its 60% cocoa content could easily play in the league of dark chocolates. It has a full cocoa flavour with organic mountain milk and a little coconut sugar which is derived from the flower buds of the coconut tree and has a beautiful caramel flavour.

Flavour profile:
Intense nut-praline character with a mild, milky accent as well as notes of chocolate cake, caramel, citrus and berries.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ 70%/30% Milk Choco, No Added Sugar

Milk chocolate with tons of cocoa power but no added sugar: a high-percentage milk chocolate with a 70% cocoa content, which means as much cocoa as you can generally only find in dark chocolates, plus 30% organic mountain milk. That’s it! Intensely chocolate-y, gently creamy with a mild bitterness.

Flavour profile:
Intense waffle flavour with accents of chocolate biscuit, cream, caramel and subtle notes of cheesecake.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ 70% Dark Choco with Maple Sugar

A classic with caramel fireworks: a dark chocolate with a classic 70% cocoa content, sweetened with maple sugar. Maple sugar is prepared from the sap of the maple tree by turning it into maple syrup, a very popular condiment in the US and Canada, and subsequently crystallising it. Maple sugar is very similar to regular sugar but at the same time excitingly different.

Flavour profile:
An expressive base layer of caramel and maple syrup, notes of cream, chocolate fudge and liquorice as well as subtly fruity accents of grapes as well as olives.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ 75% Dark Choco with Organic Sweetener

Classic chocolate with zero-calorie sweetness: a dark chocolate with a fine flavour blend and a classic 75% cocoa content, enhanced with organic sweetener erythritol, which tastes exactly like sugar and has a pleasant sweetness as well as zero calories. Hard to believe, but here is a chocolate that you can snack on without a guilty conscience.

Flavour profile:
Beautiful cocoa roast flavours, intense walnut character, notes of malt caramel and coffee, a subtle spice, mild echoes of plum and a fresh erythritol effect.

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Zotter ‘Squaring the Circle’ 100% Dark Choco, No Added Sugar

How does chocolate without sugar taste? Try it! Cocoa contains many interesting flavours. A chocolate with 100% cocoa content presents you with the flavour spectrum of pure cocoa: powerful, mildly bitter, with nutty accents and notes of fruit. Embark on a powerful chocolate adventure with a cocoa blend of several different fine flavour cocoa beans. A cocoa bar entirely without sugar.

Flavour profile:
Roasted nuts, accents of cream, expressive notes of fruit like plums, redcurrants and citrus.

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