Paying Cacao Farmers Properly

fairtrade cacao price ethical chocolate bean-to-bar

Recently the market rate for commodity cacao fell to its lowest in four years. That means even more dire conditions for farmers and workers involved with supplying some of the world’s biggest, most profitable chocolate companies. To call this situation unfair would be putting it very mildly!

We choose to work with craft chocolate makers who pay well above the market rates for cacao, and who operate outside of the mass-produced chocolate system. The brands that we stock don’t just pay more for their beans, they provide stability to the farmers by maintaining or increasing the price they pay for cacao over time, regardless of what is happening to the global market rate. This isn’t just because it’s the right thing to do – it’s a price that reflects the exceptional quality of the rare, specialist cacao they use. High quality chocolate comes from high quality relationships that are mutually beneficial for all involved.

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(Photo courtesy of Kokoa Kamili.)

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