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ARUNTAM San Giuliano, Milan, Italy

Aruntam recalls the spirit of courage of a native tribe in Ecuador.

Aruntam is a mix of native and genuine ingredients with the know-how of the well renowned taste of 'Made in Italy'. A word, which well represents who ideated this project, Pia Rivera, and her iron determination to create something special in the world of Chocolate. Pia is the heart of the whole project and has followed each step, from the selection of the raw materials and the cacao beans to the entire processing, personally creating recipes and products in the organic certified laboratory in San Giuliano Milanese.

The range consist of a brilliant selection of single origin bars in dark, milk and white. In addition complemented by a a series of 'Italian Life Style' chocolates based on locally grown and well know Italian ingredients.

Most of the products are organic certified.

Aruntam obtained important international acknowledgments through this courageous philosophy of continuously searching for the proper harmony between taste and purity.

Aruntam is available from stock: lead-time is 1-3 days.

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