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HOGARTH Nelson, New Zealand

Based in New Zealand, Hogarth Chocolate is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate brand that combines the freshest and tastiest local ingredients with single-origin cocoa from the most respected producers all over the world.

  • Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and Venezuela are the cocoa origins chosen for Hogarth’s single-origin chocolate bars.
  • Hogarth’s process uses traditional techniques, hand sorting of the beans,
    gentle roasting in the shell, winnowing, stone grinding for up to four days, ageing the finished chocolate for a minimum of one month, hand molding and finally hand wrapping.
  • With a passion for delicious but out-of-theordinary inclusions, Hogarth Chocolate adds ingredients that are surprising yet still approachable by all kinds of chocolate lovers. From the traditional Gianduia, through the curious Sarsaparilla & Orange, until the acclaimed Buttered Toast & Sea Salt, there is a Hogarth bar for every palate.

  • The mesmerizing custom chocolate mold makes the Hogarth bars truly unforgettable.
  • Chocolate makers Karl and Marina Hogarth started their chocolate company in 2014 with the goal of making the best possible chocolate while pushing the boundaries, trying new flavor combinations and challenging people’s perception of what chocolate is.
  • Most of the Hogarth Chocolate bars have been the recipients of multiple international awards throughout the years.
  • The stylish packaging with the design of a boat sailing is a tribute to chocolate maker Karl’s former career as a fisherman and sailor.

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The Hogarth range

Hogarth’s single-origin collection starts with the 64% Guatemala bar made with cacao from the Lachua region that offers intriguing tasting notes of licorice and blackberry. The 66% Peru bar with cacao from the Norandino cooperative is close in percentage, but reveals a totally different journey of flavors with exotic fruits and caramel. Lastly, the 85% Ecuador bar made with cacao from Hacienda Victoria is low in sugar, yet doesn’t display any bitterness, with a creamy mouthfeel and notes of cashew and Brazil nuts.

The range of flavored bars offers a vast choice for any taste. Crunchiness and sweetness are combined in two of the Hogarth’s inclusion bars, Maple & Walnut white chocolate and Manuka Honey & Cacao Nibs dark chocolate, while the Dark Gianduia and the Italian Roast Espresso bars are for lovers of nutty and strong flavors. The Buttered Toast & Sea Salt bar is probably their most known and appreciate d creation in this range, while the Kumara Sweet Potato milk and the Sarsaparilla & Orange dark bars are for the adventurous palates. From the International Chocolate Awards to the New Zealand Chocolate Awards, these bars are internationally recognized for the innovation of their recipes and the high quality of their ingredients.

Curious if Hogarth would be suitable for your store? Order this sample kit for a perfect introduction to the brand! The kit includes several items from different categories.

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Anzac Biscuit (53% milk)
HogarthAnzac Biscuit (53% milk)Milk (inclusions/ flavored)Suggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

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Kumara Sweet Potato (46% milk)
HogarthKumara Sweet Potato (46% milk)Milk (inclusions/ flavored)Suggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

Out of stock

Gianduia Hazelnut (45% dark)
HogarthGianduia Hazelnut (45% dark)Dark (inclusions/ flavored)Suggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

113 in stock

Kumara Sweet Potato (46% milk)
HogarthKumara Sweet Potato (46% milk)Milk (inclusions/ flavored)Suggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

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Espresso (68% dark)
HogarthEspresso (68% dark)Dark (inclusions/ flavored)Suggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

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Buttered Toast and Sea Salt (48% milk)
HogarthButtered Toast and Sea Salt (48% milk)Milk (inclusions/ flavored)Suggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

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Sarsaparilla and Candied Orange (68% dark)
HogarthSarsaparilla and Candied Orange (68% dark)Dark (inclusions/ flavored)Suggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

33 in stock

Manuka Honey and Cacao Nibs (66% dark)
HogarthManuka Honey and Cacao Nibs (66% dark)Dark (inclusions/ flavored)Suggested Retail:  9,13141-3 days (stock product)

100 in stock

Maple and Walnut (35% white)
HogarthMaple and Walnut (35% white)White (inclusions/ flavored)Suggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

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Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador (85% dark)
HogarthHacienda Victoria, Ecuador (85% dark)DarkSuggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

18 in stock

Gran Blanco, Peru (66% dark)
HogarthGran Blanco, Peru (66% dark)DarkSuggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

25 in stock

Lachua, Guatemala (64% dark)
HogarthLachua, Guatemala (64% dark)DarkSuggested Retail:  9,13151-3 days (stock product)

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Sample Kit: HOGARTH
HogarthSample Kit: HOGARTHSuggested Retail:  15,0011-3 days (stock product)

In stock

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