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HOGARTH Nelson, New Zealand

Hogarth Craft Chocolate is born out of a passion for chocolate, craftsmanship and art.

Hogarth is a boutique, bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer based in Nelson, New Zealand. They import cocoa beans from the best growing regions of the world, buying Organic and Fair Trade certified when possible. And make a range of single origin and flavoured chocolate bars and spread. Local ingredients are chosen whenever possible, this allows to get the freshest and tastiest flavour when matching it to the cocoa’s own flavour profile. Hogarth's process uses traditional techniques, hand sorting of the beans, gentle roasting in the shell, winnowing, stone grinding for up to four days, ageing the finished chocolate for a minimum of one month, hand molding and hand wrapping in our beautiful wrappers. Hogarth believe the extra effort they put into producing their products is reflected in the quality and appreciation of our customers.

Hogarth is available from stock: lead-time is 1-3 days.

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