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MENAKAO Androhibe, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Menakao is one of the few African craft chocolate makers on the market, turning cocoa beans into chocolate directly in Madagascar since 2006. It was Shahin Chenai’s dream to complete the bean-to-bar process all within his home country of Madagascar, so to ensure high wages for the farmers and factory workers.

  • The company’s mission is to keep all the production value in the same country where it sources its cacao to ensure high wages for the local farmers and factory workers.
  • The name Menaka” is made of two Malagasy words: “mena”, which means red, and “kao”, an abbreviation for kakao (cacao). Red symbolizes the color of the sediment-rich soil and the bright color of the cocoa pods that Menakao uses for their chocolate.
  • On the cover of every chocolate bar there are unique illustrations that depict women and men who represent the rich cultural diversity of Madagascar. Painted by a local artist, every package is a triumph of warm and contrasting colors that never pass unnoticed.

  • Menakao keeps it local with added ingredients, from vanilla to sea salt and cane sugar, sourced in Madagascar from national suppliers.
  • Next to a dark chocolate range that includes 72%, 80% and 100% cacao, in recent years Menakao has expanded their inclusion offer with delicious chocolate bars such as the 63% Cashew & Sea Salt, the 45% Coconut Milk & Vanilla and the 63% Orange & Cranberries bars.
  • Menakao works closely with the cocoa producers in the Sambirano Valley to avoid a purely commercial relationship with them and establish a more authentic collaboration.

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The Menakao range

Weighting at 75gr, the Menakao bars are the perfect size to satisfy both big chocolate eaters and connoisseur palates. Upon opening, the inclusion bars showcase stunning visuals with their generous added ingredients, while the plain dark chocolate bars release enchanting aromas of nuts and red fruits. With ingredients 100% sourced in Madagascar, these bars represent the best flavors from this country in chocolate format.

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