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MIA, Made in Africa

MIA is more than just our name; it’s our ethos. Because we believe in making delicious and unique food fairly, everything we produce is sourced and Made in Africa. That’s the MIA difference: food with though that gives greater benefit back to the communities from which it comes, and which feels as good as it tastes.

  • MIA sources fine cacao and produces bean-to-bar chocolate directly in Africa using Madagascan cocoa beans.
  • By crafting chocolate in the country of origin, MIA creates four times more value than the export of raw cocoa beans and supports skilled local jobs in the process, from chocolate making to printing to the service industry.
  • In the world of chocolate, the MIA approach stands in stark contrast to 99% of products on the market that are made far from the cocoa source, limiting impact to farms.
  • With inclusion bars like Candied Orange, Hemp & Almond, Cranberry & Hazelnut and Baobab & Salted Nibs, MIA’s assortment is full of fun flavors and unusual combinations. But it also includes enchanting plain dark chocolate bars with a cocoa percentage as high as 100%.

  • MIA stands for “Made In Africa”.
  • With a modern packaging that showcases funky colors mixed with gold and an unusual square size, the MIA bars never passed unnoticed, especially when they are bundled in elegant collections.
  • The company created the 1 for Change, their own dedicated African community programme which dedicates 1% of all MIA sales to development projects in places where a little can go a long way. On the environmental side, MIA Green offsets CO2 emissions by planting trees in a national forest to extend lemur habitats and actively involve local communities in protecting their precious forests.
  • The beautiful custom mold with the MIA logo makes it for a sophisticated and unforgettable opening experience.

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The MIA range

The MIA chocolate bars are crafted starting from Madagascan cocoa beans, and are included in elegant wrappers with vivid colors and an eye-catching square shape. Inside the packaging, MIA explains their mission, projects and main strengths with a concise and clear graphic. Every single bar is not only a journey of flavors, but a fun textural experience: the 65% Cranberry & Hazelnut bar offers a nutty crunch entwined with notes of wood and spices; the 65% Coconut bar includes caramelized shavings of dry coconut for a tropical sweetness; the 65% Baobab & Salted Nibs creates a savory crunch that gives way to natural notes of red fruits; the 100% Cocoa bar is the quintessence of uncompromised Madagascan cocoa. The MIA selection keeps growing, and with the words of its founders: “Africa is home to a wonderfully rich variety of natural food resources, and we’re constantly discovering delicious new ingredients for our recipes”.

Gift pack

Caringly made in Madagascar with freshly harvested cocoa, this gift pack features three rich bean-to-bar dark chocolates, including two Great Taste Award winners.


A wooden POS display for MIA bars, 4 facings. Perfect for a retail countertop and the back panel explains the brand USP’S.

The MIA Ghana Gold range is crafted from raw ingredients to finished product in Ghana to create much more value than Fairtrade cocoa. Featuring classic dark chocolates, dairy milk and vegan m!lk alternatives, Ghana Gold has flavours for every customer. Cocoa content ranges from 48% to 85% to highlight the bold flavours of rich Ghanaian cocoa.

The single origin, bean-to-bar chocolates are made in collaboration with a locally owned factory in Tema, Ghana that utilises solar energy for 50% of its chocolate making operation. Cocoa for Ghana Gold is sourced from ABOCFA, a cooperative of 1,000 farmers in the Suhum region that works according to Fairtrade and organic certifications.

In addition to supporting skilled production jobs, Ghana Gold pays 150% of the Fairtrade cocoa price premium and implements impact projects in Ghana to delivery on the MIA promise to create products that feel as good as they taste.

Curious if MIA would be suitable for your store? Order this sample kit for a perfect introduction to the brand! The kit includes several items from different categories.

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