RITUAL, Park City, Utah, USA

In a quaint mining town turned ski resort hot spot and home to the Sundance Film festival, Ritual is making some of the best two-ingredient craft chocolate around, period. Avoiding the use of cocoa butter or vanilla, Ritual coaxes incredible nuance out of their beans while still exhibiting a deep, traditional foundation. With new packaging that perfectly reflects Park City’s mix of rugged wilderness and modern elegance, Ritual proves that American sophistication is alive and well in the world of craft chocolate.

  • Stunning visual and physical design, with handy resealable boxes that have chocolate tasting information on the inside.
  • Working with cacao farms that maintain biodiversity and support heirloom cacao genetics.
  • Very popular and accessible inclusion bars such as S’mores and Honeycomb Toffee.
  • Highly sustainable chocolate maker - working towards 0% waste and predominantly using solar energy.

  • All packaging is compostable or recyclable.
  • Use almost entirely organic ingredients.
  • Founded in 2010 by Anna Davies and Robbie Stout. When first making test batches in their small apartment, Robbie and Anna would be kept up at night by the noise of the grinder!

Ritual is available on special-order basis: lead-time is 10 days maximum following the last day of every month.
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The Ritual range

Some of the best chocolate being made in North America. All single origin bars are made with just two ingredients - cacao and sugar - with no added soy lecithin, cocoa butter or vanilla.

A range of traditional inclusion bars that bring together old world chocolate making with modern style and ethos. The vanilla bar is a great example of how fantastic chocolate can taste when real vanilla is used, rather than the synthetic alternatives found in a lot of industrial chocolate these days.

Popular and inventive inclusion bars that are infused with the aromas and flavours or mountain adventures. Surprising and nostalgic all at once.

Curious if Ritual would be suitable for your store? Order the sample kit for a perfect introduction to the brand! The kit includes several items of different categories.

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