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ZOTTER Riegersburg, Austria

The chocolates of Zotter are a worldwide known under chocolate lovers.
The carefully chosen ingredients join in a perfect melting point.. This Austrian chocolate maker understands what it takes to make good chocolate! Zotter offers a large variety of products: chocolate bars, filled bars, drinking chocolate, praline bars and coverture in several come at a friendly price. The slightly eccentric packaging is not only pretty but also tells you the interesting story behind the bar, about tropical rainforests and unique cocoa varieties.

Only part of the Zotter range is available to order via our website. Are you looking for other Zotter series like Mitzi Blue, Balleros or Basic couverture? Contact us to arrange your order.

Zotter is available from stock: lead-time is 1-3 days. Hand-scooped bars are available on special order: lead-time is 1-2 weeks.


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