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Zotter chocolate in your personal packaging

Personal gifts are always well-received!

Personalized chocolates may serve as a suitable gift and give-away or a special type of business card for all occasions. You will now have the occasion to brand your own chocolate. Zotter supplies the product and you decide about the look.

We offer the possibility to supply you with 2 of Zotter’s most popular chocolates in your own packaging: Labooko and Hand-scooped (in 70 gram and in mini version of 20 gram). This is already possible from as little as 100 pieces.

Select the product which suits your needs and design the packaging yourself.

Regarding the variety/flavour (combination) for either your Labooko or hand-scooped chocolate: you can choose from any of the regular Labooko or hand-scooped range.

The delivery time is approximately three weeks after submitting the design files, but depends on whether the type / variety of chocolate of your choice is available.

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