Raaka First Nibs: Swirling into the harvest season!

Believe it not, it’s officially October. At Raaka in Brooklyn, nighttime temperatures have officially dipped under 10 degrees, while daytime temperatures continue to fluctuate between the 15 to 20 degrees. These cooler temperatures make things particularly exciting, as it means they can start having a little bit more fun with flavor ideas that typically can’t handle the heat, like their Swirls, which have become something of a specialty for them in the last two years.

This month’s First Nibs celebrates the official start of autumn and its harvest, as well as the return of the Swirls with not just one, but two Swirl bars: Sweet Corn Swirl and Pumpkin Granola Butter Swirl. For the latter, Raaka have partnered with the female-led Kween, who makes mind-blowingly good Granola Butter – the first-ever organic, oat-based, vegan, and top 14 allergen-free spreadable granola. Both of these bars do what all cool weather treats should do: make you feel cozy. We don’t pick favorites but if we did these two Swirls would be in our top five, easily. We hope you feel the same.

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