Seasonal products are here!

The Fall Season just keeps getting better and better!

We have now officially launched our Seasonal Range the Holiday & Christmas period.

It’s already beginning November which means that it’s time to choose your Holiday assortment for your specialty store or cafe and start ordering ASAP!

To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of all our Christmas-themed chocolates, such as:

  • Amazing special editions from Dick Taylor, including 3 bars and 1 drinking chooclate (note the stunning new packaging!)
  • Ginger Snap by Raaka Chocolate
  • Bryan Graham from Fruition excelled again with a delicious Cinnamon Maple Bourbon bar
  • An award winning White Gingerbread bar by Fjåk Chocolate (plus an extremeley limuted Mushroom bar – we have only 20 pieces available)
  • Attractively packaged gift samplers, a Gingerbread bar and the Spiked Eggnog Chocolate Disc by Taza Chocolate
  • 3 new Hand-Scooped bars by Zotter

and more!

Check out our Holidays & Christmas selection

More to come!

Each year Zotter introduces a vast range of special Christmas chocolates. Over the next few days we will make the most popular selection available to order!

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