Mānoa Mai’a Banana & Nibs 70%

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This chocolate bar from Hawaii-based Mānoa Chocolate is inspired by the flavors of Hawaii: Banana (Mai’a). The bar features vibrant artwork by local artist Shar Tuiasoa of Punky Aloha, and delicate molding inspired by Polynesian tattoo patterns. Together with historical tidbits about each inclusion ingredient, the complete package of flavor, art, and culture create a bar that does more than taste good: this is chocolate with a sense of place.

Polynesian settlers brought banana on their long voyage to Hawaii. The fruit is known as a canoe plant – a crop essential for island living. The Hawaiian word for banana is Mai’a and it was used as sustenance, offerings to ali’i (ruling chiefs), and as medicine.

  • Nett weight: 60 gram
  • Type of chocolate: Dark (inclusions/flavored)
  • Cacao contents: 70%
  • Cacao Origin: Blend (several)
  • Characteristics: Direct Trade, Vegan
  • Leadtime/del.date: 8-9-2020 (special order product)
  • Order quantity: 10

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