To’ak Rain Harvest 2015D (80,5% Cacao)

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To’ak’s goal with this edition was to highlight the emblematic characteristics of Nacional cacao from the Arriba growing region in Ecuador – akin to the French province of Burgundy in the wine world. The higher cacao percentage, longer fermentation time, and relatively shorter conch time have produced a strongly floral aroma that continues to intermingle with red fruits and earthy notes on the palate.

Flavor profile:
Nose: Flowers and herbs, trace of nuts.
Palate: Floral, woody, herbal, earthy, berries.
Finish: Long, dark, rich and herbal.

  • Nett weight: 50 gram
  • Type of chocolate: Dark
  • Cacao contents: 80,5%
  • Cacao Origin: Ecuador
  • Characteristics: Dairy free, Direct Trade, Gluten free, Organic, Vegan
  • Leadtime/ 1-3 days (stock product)
  • Order quantity: 1
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