Goodnow Farms El Carmen, Nicaragua 77%

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Goodnow Farms discovered this fine flavor bean after meeting Giff Laube and Jose Enrique Herrera, the owners of Cacao Bisiesto, at their farm just outside the town of Matagalpa. The beans are named after the town in and around which they’re grown, which is located in Nicaragua’s Central Highlands.

The wet cacao beans (baba) are sent to Giff and Jose who then ferment and dry them at their centralized facility located on their farm, which allows them complete control over the entire flavor development process.

This is one of the first beans they found on out travels throughout Central America and it holds a special place in Goodnow Farms’ Tom and Monica’s hearts!

Tasting notes:
This bar is a dark chocolate lovers dream. Deep, rich and earthy with caramel and raisin notes.

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