Some extraordinary chocolate tasting tips

We know that most of you are already expert chocolate eaters, but here are some EXTRA chocolate tasting tips that you might have never heard of:

  • Taste chocolate first thing in the morning. Of course, wash your face and wake up properly before your tasting session, but don’t let anything else other than water touch your mouth. The palate has just woken up from its beauty sleep, with no residual flavors from the day before. It’s in the best and most neutral state to recognize tasting notes sharply and attentively.
  • Look at the chocolate, for a longer time. This step is usually overlooked by curious tasters that can’t wait to dive into the flavors of that mouthwatering piece of chocolate. However, taking some extra time to look at the chocolate will train your eyes to recognize different shades of brown, in addition to a higher appreciation of every mold design. Remember that also looking at the chocolate is an important part of the meditative process that is tasting.
  • Put earplugs on. After hearing the snap of the chocolate, you might find useful to “turn off” the hearing sense. In this way, no foreign sound will disturb your high concentration and you will be free to focus on all the other precious senses like smell and taste.
  • Touch the chocolate with your fingers as little as possible. Our hands carry with them all sorts of flavors depending on what we touch during the day (both voluntarily and involuntarily). Beauty products, food, newspapers, coins and many other objects can leave their own lingering scents on our fingers. These can immensely hijack a tasting. Make sure to wash your hands with a neutral soap before the tasting begins. If you can, avoid touching the chocolate and use wooden tweezers or a piece of paper instead.

No matter how you decide to conduct your chocolate tasting, remember that having fun is always the best tip of all!

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