The debate about white chocolate

Do you know that there is a big debate in the fine chocolate industry on whether white chocolate is really chocolate?

White chocolate is made only with the fatty part of the cocoa bean (the cocoa butter) without the “brown” part that gives chocolate its characteristic color, flavor and nutrients. This is why some chocolate aficionados don’t even consider white chocolate to be real chocolate, demeaning its status to simply a sweet candy.

But whether you consider white chocolate “real” chocolate or not, it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy eating it. In our assortment, we like to carry many white chocolate bars made by expert craft makers with fine unprocessed cocoa butter and intriguing additions of fruits, nuts and many other delicious high-quality ingredients.

In his book “Chocolate – Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic”, chocolate expert Dom Ramsey from the United Kingdom explains that white chocolate was first made in the 1930s as a way to use up excess cocoa butter created during the production of cocoa powder, and that there are actually 4 types of white chocolate:

  • CLASSIC WHITE: a smooth combination of cocoa butter, sugar and milk powder. The core flavors are quite simple, so vanilla is often added to the mix.
  • CARAMELIZED WHITE: also called “blond” chocolate, it is made by heating the chocolate until the sugars caramelized, resulting in syrup-like sweetness and toasted flavor.
  • WHITE WITH INCLUSIONS: solid pieces of flavouring are added after tempering the chocolate. These could be fruits, nuts, edible flowers, or cocoa nibs.
  • FLAVORED WHITE: powdered flavorings or essential oils are added to the chocolate during grinding and conching, allowing the flavors to melt with the chocolate.

In the past two years, we have witnessed many craft chocolate makers expanding their assortment from an all-dark chocolate range to more fun and mouth-watering options, including white chocolate bars that soon became bestsellers and award winners.

So we are now curious to know: how do you like white chocolate?

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