The NEW Zotter chocolate collection 2022-2023 is here!

Chocolate Season is officially underway!

30 years of hand-scooped chocolate: in 1992, Zotter created the very first hand-scooped chocolates, and today, Zotter
Chocolate is a hugely popular brand offering superior products in top quality and a variety of flavours, all made from cacao with a provenance guarantee and featuring exciting designs. All chocolates are 100% organic + fair and produced bean-to-bar in Austria. Numerous awards and top rankings show how much customers appreciate Zotter Chocolate. A healthy cooperation with our retailers is particularly important to us. We consider it the basis for the high demand we see as well as the popularity of Zotter Chocolate.

And for this, we would like to express our gratitude by celebrating the creation of the hand-scooped chocolate together, with all-new flavours and innovations like Poppy Seed & Cherry and Amalfi Lemon & Sage Marzipan.


11 new, hand-scooped chocolates + 2 new gift chocolates: Amalfi Lemon & Sage Marzipan, Brown Butter Toffee, Eggnog,
“Kulfi“ Pistachios, Almonds and Cardamom, Miso Caramel & Sesame, Muscaris Marzipan, PawPaw, Poppy Seed &
Cherry, Sea Buckthorn & Quince, Sunflower & Golden Cherry, Vanilla + Crisps, For the Best Employee in the World!, A
Warm Welcome.

9 hand-scooped chocolates, also available with English-language wrappers: Blueberries & Lemon, Caramel “Fudge”,
Chestnuts + Rum, Cognac + Coffee, Fig & Port, Orange Liqueur, Peanut Crunch “with Salt”, Plums & Rum, Praline + Cookies

Chocolate Banana – Chocolate for School: a new project in Madagascar whereby we finance school lunches for 770
children in cooperation with the »Jugend Eine Welt« charity.

7 popular hand-scooped chocolate minis in a 20-gram format.

5 hand-scooped chocolate minis with a statement, ideal as a gift: For Good Ones, For You, Lucky Charm, Stress
Stopper, Thank You.

2 dark Labookos, also available with English-language wrappers:
72% Opus 5 – a top cuvée with rare cacao varieties from five different countries. Limited Edition: only available for 1 year.
72% Panama – a single origin chocolate with a 72% cacao content.

Mitzi Blue – in a new design with a product preview image on the wrapper as well as a new Rainbow flavour.


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