Tips to keep your chocolate bars fresh and cool during the summer

Afraid that your precious bars will melt over the summer? The arrival of the warm season doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favorite food. A little care and attention will go a long way to preserve your precious chocolate bars in their best condition for you to enjoy.

Here are some tips to keep your chocolate bars fresh and cool during the summer:

1) Avoid the fridge. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, there are many reasons why you should avoid refrigeration at all costs. First, chocolate easily absorbs odors of the foods nearby (the “culprit” is the cocoa butter), therefore compromising its original aromas and flavors. Second, moisture in the fridge can lead to sugar bloom. This happens when the sugar rises to the surface and discolors the chocolate because of the humidity in the fridge. Even in sealed bags, chocolate in the fridge is at risk of losing its original organoleptic properties in smell, texture and taste. Unless you live in extremely hot and humid weathers with no air conditioning in the house and truly unbearable temperatures, keep your fine chocolate away from the fridge.

2) Opt for a dry, cool and dark place instead. Find a corner in the house that is far from both direct sunlight and artificial light (pantries, cupboards and closets work great). Make sure the place you choose doesn’t get humid or too warm at any time of the day.

3) For further prevention, keep the chocolate bars in their original packaging and seal them in air-tight containers. This way, the quality of the chocolate bars will stay intact. If you own a wine fridge, that’s the perfect place where professionals like to store their chocolate bars.
Now you can rest reassured that your chocolate bars will be safe and sound all summer long for you to savor at any time!

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