What exactly are 100% cocoa bars?

100% cacao bars

100% cocoa bars don’t contain sugar. Every ingredient comes from the cacao beans. The percentage is divided between cacao solids (the “brown” part that contains health properties and chocolatey flavor) and cacao butter (the “white” part which is the fatty component of the chocolate). The ratio in a bar is approximately 50/50, but will vary depending on the producer.

It is a similar product to unsweetened chocolate. The difference is that unsweetened chocolate is meant for cooking and baking, while 100% cocoa bars are meant for tasting and savoring.

When made by craft makers, 100% cocoa bars are the best alternative to mass-produced sugar-free chocolate. They contain only one ingredient and welcome no chemical additions. Unfortunately, consumers are usually afraid of its potential taste. They tend to see 100% cocoa bars more like a punishment than a pleasure. Mostly because they believe they are going to taste like the most bitter thing they have ever eaten. And here comes the challenge also for craft makers.
How to make 100% cacao chocolate enjoyable?

Instead of using chemicals like big manufacturers do, craft makers rely on smarter choices. To satisfy the demand for sugar-free chocolate, they are making their 100% cocoa bars:

SMOOTHER. Adding cacao butter is the most used strategy to make chocolate creamy and smooth. The percentage of cacao still remains the same. But by tweaking the ratio between cacao solids and cacao butter, makers manage to give a more pleasant texture.

CRUNCHIER. When consumers bite into a 100% cacao chocolate, they don’t expect much excitement. To give it a “twist”, craft makers have started including cacao nibs in their bars.

MORE FLAVORFUL. Consumers accustomed to craft chocolate know the different flavors that chocolate has to offer. Depending on the origin and on a million other factors, chocolate can taste fruity, floral, spicy, earthy, nutty.

We carry many 100% bars in our assortment. You can check them out in our wholesale webshop by filtering on cacao percentage. What are your all-time favorite 100% cocoa bars?

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