What exactly do we mean by ‘craft’ chocolate

Here at The High Five Company, we choose to stock craft chocolate instead of mainstream-industrial chocolate. But what exactly do we mean by ‘craft’ chocolate? Put simply, we’re talking about chocolate that is made in small batches, from scratch (from bean to bar), and using high quality specialist cacao.

Rare, heirloom cacao varieties are more difficult and time consuming to grow, as they have been bred for flavour over productivity. In turn, the chocolate makers we work with take a lot more time to craft their chocolate, spending multiple days on what the big industrial makers do in a few hours. Essentially, specialty cacao farmers and craft chocolate makers choose not to cut any corners to try and save time or money. They have a dedication to quality, flavour and beauty, which is why the end result is so different to mass-produced chocolate. It’s a pleasure to work with people who are so dedicated to their craft.

Photo courtesy of Raaka Chocolate.

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