Zotter opens the season with new Labooko and Hand-scooped bars

Zotter opens this season with 9 new, Hand-scooped Chocolates: variations of tender-melting Choco Mousse, new Wine flavours, and more. Moreover, our focus this season is nuts – a current culinary trend. There are nutty new highlights sprinkled all over our range: Hand-scooped Chocolates with Marzipan and Almonds, homemade Pine Nut Marzipan and Chestnut + Cranberry. In the Zotter Labooko range, we present 3 new varieties amongst which the mythical Maya Cacao and eco-conscious flavours made with cacao grown and harvested in nature reserves, or – like our Belize cacao – shipped to Zotter via an actual sailboat.

Hand-scooped – the original
Hand-scooped is a mixture of inventiveness and manual work. The Handscooped Chocolates are filled chocolates. The fillings are spread in layers on long tracks. During this process up to 6 different layers are combined and coated all around with chocolate. By combining different ingredients such as marzipan and cherry brandy, something new is created all the time – ideally a flavour explosion. Thanks to the wonderful compositions of taste and their unique design the Hand-scooped Chocolates have turned into a cult.

  • 70 g / bar
  • Available in 30 varieties
  • 10 bars / case

As Hand-scooped is a fresh product with a limited shelf life (4-6 months) it is available on special order. Leadtime 1-2 weeks.

Labooko – Pure Chocolate Variety
The Labooko range features fine flavour cacao from the best cacao growing regions in the world. Each chocolate contains a rare cacao variety with a vivid history, from the Maya cacao grown in Belize and Guatemala to Dominican cacao harvested in a nature reserve. Cacao is a tool for environmental conservation, it thrives as a mixed crop and in the middle of the rain forest, and it also safeguards the traditional life of indigenous people as well as guaranteeing a decent income for them. Alongside the sublime chocolates, there are colourful fruit bars – their stunning hues and delicious flavours derived entirely naturally from fruit alone – and to top it off there’s a huge selection of vegan chocolate creations.

  • 65 or 70 g / bar
  • Available in 30 varieties
  • 10 bars / case
  • Available from stock. Leadtime 1-3 days.

Zotter Labooko Peru 70%

A milk chocolate with a 70% cacao content, 22% milk and 8% raw cane sugar invites you to experience a veritable cacao power display. It’s made with Peruvian fine flavour cacao but is surprisingly soft, with a distinct flavour of creamy caramel accompanied by a mild raw cane sugar sweetness.

Fragrance notes:
Intensely chocolatey, nutty, almond scent

Taste notes:
Nutty with distinct notes of creamy caramel, mild sweetness, with a strong cacao aroma but very mild and without any acidity

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Zotter Labooko Opus 2020 75%

Conching time: 20 hrs.

A world tour: experience a top cuvée created with rare cacao varieties from five different countries: Tanzania, Guatemala, Ghana, Brazil and Belize. Each cacao is roasted individually and then combined to produce the ultimate cacao blend, offering its entire, vast cacao panorama. The best of the best.

Taste notes:
Tanzania: fruity, red fruit
Brazil: gingerbread spice
Ghana: chocolatey
Guatemala: fruity, tropical
Belize: nut praline, sour cherry flavour

Limited Edition: available for only 1 year.

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Zotter Labooko Maya Cacao 100%

Conching time: 35 hrs.

Snack on a piece of Maya culture. Made with cacao from Belize and Guatemala, where the Maya, who are the originators of chocolate culture, still live and cultivate their cacao. We’ve visited them and were in awe of this wonderful, unique cacao legacy. Experience a chocolate with 100% cacao content, without any added sugar – a precious piece of authentic cacao history!

Fragrance notes:
Berries, cherries, mildly tropical accents

Taste notes:
Spicy-nutty, initial acidity with notes of red fruit and dark roast aroma, spice and nuts as a main flavour, with a subtle finish of tannins similar to black tea

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Zotter Hand-scooped White Wine

Mountain Milk Chocolate filled with Muscaris white wine ganache and raisins

White wine from Zotter’s own vineyards in the Styrian Vulkanland – named after the remnants of ancient volcanoes, where the new organic white wine grape variety ‘Muscaris’ thrives. The vineyards are part of the Edible Zoo and are located in the Sennkogel and Edelsgraben region. Pressed at the renowned Silberberg Academy of Viticulture, the wine flows into a chocolate ganache made from white chocolate, a touch of caramel couverture, a bit of grappa and refreshing verjus. Added to that are some boozy raisins that have previously taken a bath in the white wine, as well as a coat of sweet milk chocolate with a 40% cacao content.

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Zotter Hand-scooped White Choco Mousse

White Chocolate filled with white chocolate mousse

Just like a fluffy vanilla pudding. The buttery white chocolate mousse melts on your tongue alongside a satisfying vanilla taste explosion. It’s pleasantly sweet and has a delicious, tender melt. Covered in a white chocolate shell.

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Zotter Hand-scooped Sweet Wine “red”

Noble Bitter Chocolate filled with Salzberg Beerenauslese red wine ganache and raisins

A red dessert wine ganache made with the ‘Salzberg’ late harvest Beerenauslese by Gernot Heinrich, one of the most renowned vintners in Austria, who grows biodynamic wine. This fruity premium cuvée made from Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt is a very happy partner to our delicious dark chocolate. It’s mixed with little boozy bits of raisin and covered in more dark chocolate.

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Zotter Hand-scooped Milk Choco Mousse

Dark Milk Chocolate filled with milk chocolate mousse

A wonderfully soft filling of tender-melting mousse, this sweet milk chocolate with a 40% cacao content is buttery-fine and delicious. It’s hugged by a dark milk chocolate boasting 60% cacao power, offering an exciting contrast.

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Zotter Hand-scooped Marzipan and Almonds

Mountain Milk Chocolate filled with almond praline and marzipan

A milk chocolate with a 50% cacao content, filled with a tender-melting almond praline made with freshly roasted almonds, enhanced with a hint of white chocolate and topped with a second layer of almond marzipan.

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Zotter Hand-scooped Granola “+ Fruit”

Dark Chocolate 70% filled with coconut nougat and fruit

Granola to go, sweetened with maple sugar: no matter what, our granola chocolate rocks. Unwrap and enjoy this tender-melting coconut blossom praline with raisins, refreshingly exotic passion fruit bits and crispy rice flakes covered in a wild berry and coconut coat. It is wrapped in dark chocolate with a 70% cacao content and sweetened with maple sugar, an exciting sugar alternative. 100% vegan.

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Zotter Hand-scooped Espresso “Macchiato”

Noble Bitter Chocolate filled with coffee cream

Flavour bullseye! A creamy, gently sweet coffee ganache with an impactful coffee flavour, mixed with dark chocolate and a dash of milk. It’s coated with a wafer-thin layer of white chocolate and covered overall with a classic dark chocolate boasting 70% cacao power.

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Zotter Hand-scooped Dark Choco Mousse

Noble Bitter Chocolate filled with chocolate mousse

Incredibly chocolatey and tender-melting. A soft mousse filling with a high-percentage dark chocolate boasting an intense 80% cacao content, it melts immediately while bursting with chocolate aromas. It’s covered with a classic dark chocolate with 70% cacao power. Gentle and sweet on the outside and intense on the inside – pure chocolate indulgence!

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Zotter Hand-scooped Chestnut + Cranberry

Chestnut Milk Chocolate filled with walnut praline and cranberry ganache

For chocolate hunters: a fruity-sweet cranberry filling with small cranberry bits on a seductive sweet walnut praline. It’s covered with a homemade sweet chestnut couverture mixed with milk chocolate. Delicate & fruity!

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