Cinnamon Disc (50% dark) BIO

Stone ground, organic Mexican-style dark chocolate discs with warm cinnamon spice. Experience chocolate with true grit! Two discs in each package, perfect for sharing.

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Inspired by our passion for Mexican chocolate traditions, at Taza hand-carved granite millstones are used to make rustic, organic dark Mexican style chocolate discs bursting with bright tastes and bold textures.

Organic cacao beans, Organic cane sugar, Organic cinnamon.


TAZA, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Taza’s stoneground dark chocolate is unlike any other chocolate. Taza stone grind organic cacao beans into perfectly unrefined, minimally processed chocolate with bold flavor and texture, unlike anything you have ever tasted.

About Taza

  • TAZA Chocolate was founded in 2005 by Alex Whitmore in Massachusetts, USA.
  • Unlike many craft chocolate brands with a smooth and creamy texture, TAZA made a name for itself by crafting unrefined stoneground dark chocolate with a rustic texture.
  • Thanks to the use of traditional Mexican stone mills, called molinos, TAZA grinds fine cacao that preserves all its bright and fruity flavors, and creates a chocolate that’s bold, rustic, and satisfyingly gritty, unlike any other chocolate you’ve tasted.
  • TAZA inclusion bars range from sweet flavors like Gingerbread Cookie and Toffee Almond & Sea Salt to fruity tastes like Raspberry and Coconut, while the unmistakable TAZA Discs are perfect to make hot chocolate or to be savoured just as they are, from Vanilla to Cinnamon inclusions.
  • The TAZA selection is always expanding, and now includes chocolate bars, discs, barks and covered treats in practical packaging perfect to be brought along in your daily life or special adventures. The brand also offers a baking collection.
  • Against predatory middlemen and abusive labor practices, TAZA created the chocolate industry’s first third-party certified Direct Trade cacao sourcing program, to ensure quality and transparency for all: the TAZA Direct Trade. Consumers can see exactly where the company sources cacao and how
    much it pays for it.
  • All TAZA chocolate is certified USDA Organic, Direct Trade, Gluten Free and Kosher Pareve, and Non-GMO Project Verified. It is also dairy free, soy free, and vegan.

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The Taza range

An homage to traditional Mexican stoneground chocolate, the TAZA Discs were the very first product launched by the company in 2005. Inspired by their passion for Mexican chocolate traditions, Taza hand-carve granite millstones to make these rustic, organic dark Mexican style chocolate discs bursting with bright tastes and gloriously gritty textures. With their 77gr paper packaging and a perfect round shape, they fit in a hand and the mold is already divided in small triangles to be enjoyed on the go. Chipotle Chili, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Salted Almond and many more options are available.

TAZA’s chocolate bars maintain a unique rustic texture, but in a more traditional shape. Always dairy, gluten and soy free, these colorful bars offer a wide range of flavors. The most appreciated are the fruity Raspberry Crunch, the salty Toffee Almond & Sea Salt and the intense Wicked Dark bars.

Taza’s intense, pure, and seriously satisfying stone ground chocolate makes for the perfect gift for any occasion, from celebrating a special day to showing gratitude. Samplers are a fun, affordable way to sample and share stone ground chocolate with true grit. Four or eight bright, bold flavors range from spicy to sweet to savory.

An eye-catching wooden peg display that holds 60 Mexicano Discs (10 facings x 6 discs).

Curious if Taza would be suitable for your store? Order the sample kit for a perfect introduction to the brand! The kit includes several items of different categories.

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Perhaps it is because we have not been working in the chocolate business for so long (since 2014) that we work so passionately, accurately and in a personal way. In our team everyone brings his or her own expertise to the table. Organizing chocolate events, selling chocolate, writing articles, organizing tastings or master classes, judging at chocolate awards and much, much more. Our broad work and expertise leads to us always being on top of the latest trends. That is why we also know what your customers need, and how you can have a competitive advantage with the specialty chocolate that not many others sell.

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